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Fire Chief – Rob Orkies

Orkies, Rob

Welcome to the Zoneton Fire District, I’m Rob Orkies your Fire Chief. Our Membership consist of 7 Board of Directors, 30 Volunteer Firefighters, a Support Team, Administrative Assistant to the Chief, 10 full-time Firefighters, a full-time Fire Marshal and a full time Fire Chief. We operate out of two firehouses, our headquarters is located at 5328 N Preston Hwy and our station 2 is located at 163 Overlook Acres Rd.

In 2005, Zoneton Fire District had a ISO rating change and is now considered a Class 4 Fire District, this new rating may save property owners on their insurance premiums. Not all Insurance Companies recognize the classification change, however, most of the companies will recognize the new rate, another area to potentially save a few dollars is to let your agent be aware if you have any fire hydrants within 1000 feet of your property this could make a difference. I had a business owner call and say that the new rate and the fire hydrants located close to the property will save him $1,000.00 per year on his premiums, therefore, I would encourage everyone to call your agent and ask if this will allow any savings for you.

You may notice the firefighters out more often due to the increase in fire alarm responses and community outreach programs. The district has experienced our run volume increasing steadily over the past five years with the largest increase this past year. With the growth in the northern part of the county we are expecting the number of calls to increase each year, so we are trying to stay one step ahead and constantly try to prepare ourselves a priority for a better partnership with the community we serve, which is the property owners of the district.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at

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