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Liability Statement:

As the fire district is allowed access to private property for rescue and fire suppression; operates fire apparatus and allows operation of personal vehicles during emergency response; and handles private matters, the fire district reserves the right not to employ persons who have been convicted of theft related matters, wreckless driving, and official misconduct related matters, and any other conviction the fire district administration determines as jeopardizing the liability of the fire district and the trust and integrity that the community places in the fire districts operations.
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Personal References

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Professional References

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I certify that my answers to the forgoing questions are true and correct without any consequential omissions of any kind whatsoever. I understand that if I am emplyed, any false, misleading, or otherwise incorrect statements made on this application form or during any interview may be grounds for my immediate discharge.
I hereby authorize Zoneton Fire Protection District to contact any companyor individual it deems appropriate to investigate my employment history, character, and qualifications and I give my full consent to their revealing and and all information they wish as a result of this research. In addition, I waive my right to bring any suit against these individuals for defamation, invasion of privacy or any other reason because of their statements.

I agree that if I am employed by Zoneton Fire Protection District, I will abide by all policies, guides and directives of the fire district and that I will be required to submit to a physical examination including drug and alcohol screening as necessary, and that the district will require a criminal background check upon me being offered a position with the fire district.

I understand that should I be hired my employment is "at-will" and may be terminated by myself or by the fire district at any time for any reason or no reason at all, with, or without prior notice.

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