In 2005, the Zoneton Fire Protection District had an ISO rating change and was then considered a Class 4/9 split Fire District, at that time this rating saved property owners on their insurance premiums. Not all Insurance companies recognize the classification change, however, most of the companies will recognize the new rate. Another area to potentially save you a few dollars is to let your agent be aware if you have any fire hydrants within 1000 feet of your property as this could make a difference. 

A few months ago we had another ISO audit done and we are pleased to announce that we went from a Class 4/9 split Fire District to a Class 2/2x split Fire District. Out of 48,855 Fire Departments in the United States we are among the 917 ranked Class 2 Fire Departments. There are only 97 Class 1 Fire Departments in the country. We are among the top 2 percent of the Fire Departments in the nation. We were only 4.5 points away from a Class 1 Fire Departments. We would like to thank you, the community that we serve for the support that you give us. Beginning today, you can call your insurance company and let them know of our classification change from a class 4/9 to a class 2/2x and ask how much you can save. If you need a letter, you can call the Fire District at 502-955-8076, click the link below or we can fax it to your insurance provider. 

Zoneton FD PPC Announcement Letter-2015

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